About Us

Quotes.com started life in 2004 as an invite only publisher’s platform, selling direct Navigation traffic to Yahoo, Google, and a few select CPA programs. Our team was small, streamlined and effective at what we did best.

10 years later, we’ve evolved (i.e., learnt from our mistakes!), rebranded and re-focused on what we’ve always been good at; Connecting the right traffic to the right advertiser!

So… What makes us different?

Until only recently (and even now to some extent), we’ve been invitation only. This has allowed us to build a network of known clients and a portfolio of owned and operated domains and websites that are not only well targeted, but have stood the test of time (10 years of time!), consistently achieving top Google rankings, and high conversion rates for our partners.

We focus heavily on connecting the right traffic (targeted GEO, device, user) to the advertiser. This is done by our in-house built system, and then further refined by manual hand mapping.
Performance and traffic score (rank) is then fed back into our system, further increasing advertiser confidence.

It’s true that our recent re-branding has opened opportunities to serve a wider advertiser and publisher base. However (and importantly); be assured we’ve done this without compromising our identity!

“Who we are” is important to us. The change may have brought rapid growth, but the way we do business hasn’t really changed. It’s “business as usual” here at Quotes.com.
We will continue to be focused on our small start-up partners that rely heavily on ROI and face to face business, whilst at the same time, giving our competition something to worry about!

Yours sincerely,

The team at Quotes.com