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Who are + offer a Zero-Click bidding platform for our advertisers that are targeted to GEO (country), device and keyword. Our traffic is all manually ranked, reviewed, and optimized ensuring the highest conversions for our advertisers.

We have 400+ Million monthly unique visitors to our platform. The majority of our traffic is US and European, and very targeted.
Our traffic is Direct Navigation, and converts better than “search traffic”.

It is not uncommon for us to hear a testimony of 40-100% revenue increases on portfolio’s moved to our platform, and we put this down to our own in-house proprietary filtering, and hand optimization.

First and foremost, we are fussy about the traffic on our system.

Traffic that does not convert well on Zero is sent directly to PPC or CPA platforms. Our advertisers aren’t even offered this traffic.

Our goal is for you to make money; resulting in Word of Mouth marketing for that then works for us in return. The vast majority of our growth has come from Word of Mouth. have been operating in the Traffic space for more than 10 years, maintaining consistent rank#1 ratings with Google and our advertising partners. Until recently, we’ve been invitation only, but are now testing a controlled public opening.

See “About us” for more

Where does our traffic come from? +

This is what makes us different.

We work with a select group of domain name owners, registrars and PPC companies, as well as third party publishing networks.
So our traffic comes from known networks or domains that have been vetted, filtered and approved over many years of reviewing conversions.

Our publishing networks are constantly reviewed, and we only allow known publishers that have proven their quality of traffic over time. In fact, we have a relationship with every publisher on our network, and this is important to us.

The domains on our system are hand selected by a reviewing process.

Our Search networks are again, only the best of the best. We have a stringent quality standard and we adhere to it. This particular network comes under the hardest scrutiny as quality can fluctuate if it is not monitored from known sources.
The best part, our advertisers can choose their networks. If they are not comfortable with some of our third party traffic providers, they can easily deselect them from the list.

We however encourage the use of our own internal proprietary “Quality Score”. This has been developed across all of our networks, and is an accurate indication of conversation (quality) of traffic. Our clients often use this as their key indicator.
Also, note that the vast amount of traffic that is sent to our platform is rejected for Zero Click, and sent on to our own CPA and PPC accounts. This means that we achieve the low conversions on this traffic, not you!

Zero Click names have selected manually through an in-house process that first involves our proprietary technology, but then our large team of staff. Feedback of performance/conversions is fed back into our system in order to increase confidence in the traffic by the use of our Quality Score. This is also relayed back to our advertisers.This proprietary “feedback” process allows us to ensure the asking RPM’s of traffic are on average, more profitable than any other “Zero Click” platform out there..

Try us out and find out for yourself!

How do you ensure Traffic Quality? +

First and foremost, we know the traffic sources. Many of them we’ve been using for 10+ years, and the names that have high rank on our system have months or years of history, and specifically history of conversions.

The traffic we know does not convert into sales you’ll never actually see. We’ve identified it already (manually reviewed) and it is sent to our own CPA/PPC platforms.

We only offer our high performing, well known names on our Zero platform. This is what radically distinguishes us from our competitors that offer any traffic source they get.

Each domain is hand reviewed. See “Where does our traffic come from” and we monitor conversions in order to assign a Quality Score based on these conversions. This process is dynamic and is constantly updating as we receive feedback on conversions.

We take responsibility for the quality of traffic!

On a technical side, our system carefully analyzes each visitor we receive, and we reject the vast majority based on HTTP headers (such as referral information), forwarding traffic, IP addresses (based on proprietary technology developed over many years), device and “User Agents” that allow us to detect Bot Traffic (non-human traffic), as well as suspicious traffic that does not match our criteria.

We value conversions as conversions result in further business for us, and of course, for you too!

What flexibility do I have in selecting Traffic? +

Plenty, you can choose Country (GEO), Device (mobile, desktop and specific devices), Keyword, and for some of our premium clients, we offer domain level and source detail.

Also, you can choose entire networks. We have networks:
1. Quality Search
2. Direct Navigation-Reviewed
3. Direct Navigation-Partners
4. Unclassified API

Each traffic source has a Quality Score, and sub Quality score to SubID level. Once you’ve identified a source that converts best, you can lock on that source by selecting one of our bidding models.

Where do I get information on prices and traffic volume? +

This is available via the menus and tools (such as keyword search tool) for all approved clients.

How am I charged? +

You pay for the redirect. This is known at PPR (Pay Per Redirect).

What is involved in the approval process? +

You can apply for an account here.

In order to protect our traffic and clients, we review each advertiser to ensure the usage of traffic does not violate our terms.

We are careful to ensure our traffic not used for adult, pornography, malware, virus distribution, phishing sites etc. See “What can’t I do with the traffic I buy?”

Please be patient with our approval process. Until recently, we’ve been invitation only, so this process is one that may take longer than competitors that open their system up to any publisher/advertiser, and therefore to any quality, or lack-thereof.

Our approach may be slower than others, but it ensures ongoing quality of traffic and conversions for our advertising network.

What can’t I do with the traffic I buy? +

You can’t do the following:
• Adult, Explicit, Pornography
• Illegal Content (Phishing, malware, virus etc)
• Forwarding to Google or Yahoo Parked domains
• Forwarding to sites in violation of their Trademarks or Terms of Services/Agreements.

How often are my stats updated? +

Statistics are updated in real-time.

Do we have an API feed? +

Yes, we provide XML APIs to all our advertisers.

Custom API’s are possible for our larger clients.

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