Direct to Advertiser means higher payouts.

Who are + is now publically offering a Zero-Click bidding platform for our publishers.

Until only recently, we’ve been invitation only for our publishers, but are now exploring new grounds with a controlled public opening to publishers with high quality traffic.
We understand traffic (we’ve been at it for 10 years!), and we know the value of good traffic and pay accordingly.

It’s all about quality for us. We manually rank your traffic and pay based on ROI. This means that RPM’s grow over time as we gain confidence in the conversions of the traffic. This also means the RPM can be much higher than you’ll be paid at conventional PPC or Zero Click.

We have a large network of direct CPA, PPC and PPV networks as well as a group of individual clients and start-up’s that target specific keywords, so this also means our RPM’s can be radically different to some of the “others” out there.

It is not uncommon for us to hear a testimony of 40-100% revenue increases on portfolio’s moved to our platform, and we put this down to our own in-house proprietary filtering, and hand optimization. have been operating in this space for more than 10 years, maintaining consistent rank#1 ratings with Google and our advertising partners.
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How does monetize and sell my traffic? +

We monetize the traffic by selling direct to advertisers.

We work closely with the advertisers to ensure we are getting paid based on their conversions, and rewarded accordingly.

It’s common that your RPM will increase as their conversions increase, and this can greatly surpass our competitors or other monetization platforms.

How do I sell you my traffic? +

We will provide an API that you call with your Domain Name (required), a SubID containing your partner ID (if applicable), your required RPM (optional, but preferred), IP and Keyword.

We will reply with an RPM and a redirect URL. If you accept our RPM, you simply need to redirect the traffic to our requested redirect URL.

API documentation is available in the user interface.

How is different to your competitors? + have been in this business for 10 years and work in a well established (and proven) network of advertisers and publishers.

As such, we’ve developed some unique technology that connects the right traffic to advertisers resulting in some impressive results for all involved.

Until recently, we’ve operated by invitation only, so we’ve developed a reputation for high conversions (for our advertisers), and high payouts (for our publishers). This has only been possible because of our traffic quality.

We are heavily committed to high quality. We believe once we start diluting the quality, we will become just like the others..

and we like to be different here at!

How do I access your platform, and what information is available? +

We provide a web login, and XML API’s for all our approved publishers.

We also offer push notifications, as well as email reporting.

For large publishers, we offer custom reporting and API requirements.

Who do I contact to be a publisher? +

Firstly, please be sure you have the traffic we like.

We do not accept Adult or illegal traffic. We are after high quality, targeted, and direct navigation traffic only (ie, no bought/Arb/low traffic quality sources such as Search traffic).

We take our conversions seriously, and manually review the traffic sources/domain names that are offered on our Zero Platform. Please only apply if you can meet our stringent quality standards!

If you have any questions, please apply. We are very approachable (and even friendly!). We will only approve publishers after a review and Skype call.

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